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Check Which Tenancy Agreement To Use.
Just go through the guide and you will soon find the right agreement for you.

If you are renting to individuals or a family who are all responsible for all the rent and you are not living within the property and the rent is less than 100,000 p.a. pro rata then you are in need of an Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement .
Please click Monthly or Weekly depending on how regularly the rent is paid.

As above but you are renting out rooms seperately and the tenants are only responsible for their share of the rent.
Please click Monthly or Weekly to proceed.
You are renting out a property to more than one person and although they are all on the same agreement they are only responsible for a share of the rent and not all of it.
Please click Monthly to proceed.
You are living in part of the property (not purpose built flats but a house converted into flats) and have your own access, kitchen and bathroom then you need the resident landlord's agreement - not lodgers.
Please click Monthly or Weekly.
You are living in the property and renting out rooms but sharing facilities - Lodgers agreement.
Please click Monthly or Weekly.
Holiday agreement is where you are renting out the property on a holiday let.
Please click here.
You are letting the entire property to a company - then you need a company let agreement.
Please click here.
Where the rent is in excess of 100,000 p.a. or 1923 per week then you need a general tenancy agreement.
Please click monthly or weekly.

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