Choosing how to advertise your opportunities on Do-it

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As different types of organisations can post their volunteering opportunities onto Do-it in different ways, it is important that you choose the option that is most suitable for your organisation.

The information below will help you decide which way to post your volunteering opportunities onto Do-it.

National and regional organisations

If you are operating and recruiting volunteers in two counties or more or throughout the UK, you can apply for an Do-it Recruiter account to enable you to manage your volunteering opportunities and upload them to Do-it.

We can only accept applications from the head office of a national or regional organisation. If you are a branch of a national organisation please ask your head office to apply.

Find out more about the Do-it Recruiter, including prices and how to apply.

Local branches of national organisations

Local branches of national organisations should either contact their local Volunteer Centre or ask their head office to apply for a Do-it Recruiter account. A branch can then be given their own login to post volunteering opportunities.

Local organisations in England

Local organisations, recruiting volunteers in a specific geographic area, should get in touch with their local Volunteer Centre who will post opportunities on their behalf.

Do-it works in partnership with the Volunteer Centre Network within England, which uses V-Base, our Volunteering Management software, to post opportunities online. To find your nearest Volunteer Centre, enter your postcode in the Volunteer Centre finder.

If there is no Volunteer CentreĀ in your local area you can consider applying for an Do-it Recruiter account.

Local organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Most Volunteer Centres outside England currently don’t upload opportunities to Do-it. Organisations from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who want their opportunities on Do-it should register with their local Volunteer Centre. You can also apply for a Do-it Recruiter account. This enables organisations to reach more potential volunteers online.

Overseas organisations

Only opportunities with a UK postcode can be uploaded to the Do-it volunteering database. Organisations offering opportunities overseas should contact us if they want to be listed in our overseas section. We only list organisations that are UK based charities.