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Landlord Finance
Landlord finance is a critical part of being a successful investor. Finance should be researched constantly ensuring you have the best possible package for you.

When thinking about finance do you ever get a second opinion? It never ceases to amaze me the amount of investors who go to their bank for mortgages and financing. Are they going to offer you a wide range of packages? Of course not they can only offer you what the bank is prepared to offer you and that is purely and simply their own deals. Are they the best? Probably not but can you be bothered to shop around?

Landlord finance is also often obtained from brokers that have been used time and again. Would your broker rip you off? Would your broker give you the best possible deal or the best deal for your broker? There can be a huge difference.

As a landlord you need your finance checked on a regular basis and by someone who can only recommend the best possible package. Our brokers get paid the same amount regardless of which mortgage they recommend so it does not do them any good not to recommend that best deal that suits your needs.

Our brokers have access to non publicised deals does your broker know about these?

Our brokers find landlord finance from a very wide range of reputable lending houses and they like our brokers a lot so they also ensure that they are as helpful as possible to their customer - for example our brokers can arrange and have your survey booked within forty eight hours not two weeks like so many of the banks.

If you want an informal chat (and let's face it you have nothing to lose) e-mail us your name, telephone number and the basics of your current deal and we will arrange for our brokers to call you back - please note they do not do the hard sell and you are free to say no at anytime and it won't cost you a penny! Click here to send us an e-mail.

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